The 2 Dudes

Meet Nancy (yes that’s his name) and Justin. Both have over 15 years of video game retail experience as well as in the Tri-Cities TN area. Nancy specialties are PS1, PS2, Xbox 360, Dreamcast, Current Gen, Anime & RPG. Justin’s specialties are Genesis, N64, Diablo, & Rock Band.

More about the actual 2 Dudes Gaming business. We’ve been in business for 8+ years, Going back to our roots at the Tri-Cities Flea Market. We’ve been open in a “Brick-And-Mortar” store in Elizabethton, TN since March 2015. Making us one of the longest lasting independent video game stores in the region.

We currently carry Video Games from Atari / Nintendo all the way up to current generations as well as video game accessories, Funko Pops, Import Gashapons, and Imported Anime Statues. We also do disc repair with a top of the line machine.

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